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For a resilient person, life circumstances go one step further, they use them to grow and develop their maximum potential, there is no such thing as a hard life, only difficult moments.


Our Story

Welcome to Resilient Star LLC.

Resilient Star is not just a brand, Resilient Star is all of us.

What is RESILIENT to us and why do we do it? Resilient people are able to bounce back from difficult situations and move forward into the future. They use the hardships or difficult traumas they experience to their advantage to gain useful resources for the future. Our own history begins with abuse, mistreatment, depression, anxiety and how we overcome it. We are all resilient to something, a broken heart, a single mother, suffering abuse, verbal and physical violence, facing an illness or disability, being a student, losing a job, losing a loved one, the stages of life, going through a betrayal, the mere fact of being a woman and constantly suffering aggressions and abuses of all kinds when it should not happen anymore today, having dreams or goals, stereotypes and we could go on talking about more facts that happen to us. In this life many things can happen to us, but the true meaning of resilient is how you face it, how you overcome it, how you get ahead, how we choose to change situations for better or worse, the decision is ours. It means to be reborn, to reinvent yourself, to become stronger, more intelligent, more skillful, it speaks of how we reinvent ourselves in the face of pain, like the PHOENIX BIRD that is reborn from the ashes, or like the incredible story of the rebirth of the EAGLE. When it reaches the age of 40, its feathers become so heavy that it becomes difficult to fly, its beak is so curved that it gets hurt and its nails are so long that it can no longer hold its prey. It is at this point that they must make a difficult decision: go through a 150-day process of painful renewal, or die.

What would you decide? Most would probably prefer to die... and not exactly of ending the cycle of life, but of an emotional and motivational death, which is even worse. There are two key words in the eagle's story: decision and process. If the eagle decides to go through the painful process of renewal, it has to isolate itself on top of a mountain and beat its beak against the rocks until it falls completely, then wait for it to grow, pull out its nails one by one, and with the new nails it must remove all its wings so that new ones can be born. Finally, renewed, the eagle can live 30 more years.

It is a change that you must undergo to recover the meaning of your life.

Resilient Star celebrates and seeks to applaud all those people who have suffered or gone through a difficult situation in our lives, it is for all those strong and brave people who made the decision and made a big change in their lives, all those who decided to "RENEW OR DIE LIKE THE EAGLES" to get better every day and embark on their journey to success. Most importantly, there is nothing IMPOSSIBLE.

For a resilient person, life's circumstances go one step further, they use them to grow and develop their full potential.

There is no such thing as a hard life, only hard times.

Always remember that a star must go through darkness in order to shine.

Our future projections at Resilient Star LLC are to improve the quality of our garments, reach more people every day and conquer the world market, open physical stores in major cities around the world, compete with major brands, expand our employment recruitment, launch new garments daily, partner with other companies and celebrities.

Our values within the company and with our customers are honesty, passion in every design made, excellence, competitiveness, teamwork, customer focus, difference, freedom, clarity and loyalty.

Our work methodology is Lean Startup, although sometimes we do not use it and we prefer to give freedom to the creation and creativity of our team.

Visit our online store and be part of those stars that illuminate the planet with our garments.

Meet The Team

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